Smart Cards

Smart cards are a type of electronic card, looking much like a credit card, but with a computer chip embedded in the plastic instead of a magnetic stripe attached to the surface.

Smart cards have been in the market for a few years, but the real growth has really started recently, together with the growth of Internet and digital communications network. We see the Smartcard as an important building block of the information society. As more and more transactions move from the real to the virtual world, the need for secure transactions, secure user identification and handling of personal user information is increasing. Our Smart cards gives a smart answer to this need, handling the processing and storage of personal information and identification on a small personal computer, which is able to be integrated into, or communicating with other computer.

Star Minds Applications of Smart Card.

- Smart Identity
- Smart Access Control
- Smart Attendance
- Smart Health card
- Smart E - Purse
- Smart Transportation
- Smart Parking
- Physical Access Control
- Logical Access Control
- Service Records Maintenance
- Salary Tax Details
- Library Management
- Traffic License Access control and many more

Digital Signal Processing

DSP, or Digital Signal Processing, as the term suggests, is the processing of signals by digital means. A signal in this context can mean a number of different things. Historically the origins of signal processing are in electrical engineering, and a signal here means an electrical signal carried by a wire or telephone line, or perhaps by a radio wave. More generally, however, a signal is a stream of information representing anything from stock prices to data from a remote-sensing satellite.

Star Mind’s Applications of DSP

Starminds is headquartered in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, which hosts some of India's best educational institutions and a vast range of leading multinational IT companies.
Starminds’ development team has deep technical knowledge and expertise in speech, audio and video coding technologies. Out team is highly skilled in system integration on various industry standard platforms.

Starminds solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic service oriented company and focused on mastering the challenges of doing the state of the art complex embedded multimedia designs on ARM / DSP / Combination platforms. The vertical markets domains in which we have deep expertise are complete vide, audio and speech solutions and applications where we extend our services beyond the embedded software to the system level.

We believe best way to add value to the customer's endeavors is to understand and solve our customer's toughest design challenges in our specialization area through our focus on our specific core competencies allowing our customers to focus on theirs.

Products and Services

Starminds’ products are critical building blocks, which plug into OEM products, Semiconductors and Microprocessors to give them communication functionality. The vast DSP programming expertise has helped Starminds to develop intricate technologies like video and audio coding. We have developed all the ITU-T and GSM speech codes on industry leading DSP and RISC processors.

Speech Coding Technology

1. ITU-T codecs

G.711 64 kbps PCM codec
Dual rate G.723
Low delay G.728
Low complexity G.729A + VAD

2. GSM codecs

GSM-Adaptive Multirate Codec
GSM Half rate and full rate codecs

Audio coding Technology

MP3 Decoder
AAC Decoder

Video Coding Technology

JPEG Encoding and Decoding
MPEG-4 Encoders and Decoders

Processor and architecture expertise

Starminds has extensively worked on various kinds of processors like RISC, DSP and micro controllers. Our team at Starminds has consistent track record of delivering highly memory and MIPS optimized DSP components/applications. Here are some of the processors.

  • ADI 21xx DSP processor
  • TI 5xx and TI 6xx DSP processors
  • ARM RISC processor

Starminds is a DSP services company and has a highly motivated and skilled team. Quality, customer satisfaction, timely delivery and customer support are our commitments to our valued customers.


For consumers, the our E-commerce initiatives simplify many aspects of the purchasing process. Log on, select, and with the click of a button, purchase. For businesses, large and small, E-commerce is a way to work closer with suppliers, be more responsive to customers and sell to a global customer base. All at significantly lower operating costs. 24-hours a day and seven days a week.

StarMinds realized the benefits of doing business on the web. Towards that purpose, we constantly try to leverage the opportunities that this market provides. Security and ease-of-use are essential for consumer confidence, fraud protection and broad-based acceptance. Leveraging the security, portability and simplicity of the smart card based E-commerce systems , StarMinds is developing the necessary technologies and solutions to address clients’ needs.

Our Applications:
On line transactions
Retail Sectors- loyalty cards
B2B, B2C, B2G Portal interface.

Client Server Technology

Our client/server software architecture is a versatile, message-based and modular infrastructure that is intended to improve usability, flexibility, interoperability, and Scalability as compared to centralized, mainframe, time sharing computing.

A client is defined as a requester of services and a server is defined as the provider of services. A single machine can be both a client and a server depending on the software configuration.


  • Mainframe architecture
  • File sharing architecture
  • Client/server architecture. Two tier architectures.
  • Three tier architectures.
  • Three tier architecture with transaction processing monitor technology.
  • Three tier with message server.
  • Three tier with an application server.
  • Three tier with an ORB architecture.
  • Distributed or collaborative enterprise architecture.

Web Development

Star Minds has been shaping information and expressions and have adopted, adapted, and invented expressive strategies for each new medium. Because the Web combines text, graphics, and hypermedia, web developers can borrow from a large body of knowledge about crafting information from the ancient art of discovering the means of persuasion to the relatively modern field of technical communication. These fields, rooted in static or non- interactive media such as paper, film, or recorded sound, can enrich the process of developing a web. The major thing that star minds looks into are

- Planning, Analyzing, Design, Implementation, Promotion and Innovation

- Audience information
- Purpose statement
- Objectives list
- Domain information
- Web specification
- Web presentation

- Unbound in space and time
- Bound in use content
- Distributed non hierarchical

Multi role , Pororus, Dynamic , Interactive , Competitive.

Database and Systems administration

The rapid spread of computers and information technology has generated a need for highly trained workers to design and develop new hardware and software systems and to incorporate new technologies. Star Minds workers, computer systems analysts, computer scientists, and database administrators-include a wide range of computer specialists. Job tasks and occupational titles used to describe these workers evolve rapidly, reflecting new areas of specialization or changes in technology, as well as the preferences and practices of employers.

Systems analysts at SSPL solve computer problems and enable computer technology to meet individual needs of an organization. They help an organization realize the maximum benefit from its investment in equipment, personnel, and business processes. This process may include planning and developing new computer systems or devising ways to apply existing systems' resources to additional operations. Systems analysts may design new systems, including both hardware and software, or add a new software application to harness more of the computer's power. Most systems analysts work with a specific type of system that varies with the type of organization they work for-for example, business, accounting, or financial systems, or scientific and engineering systems.

When a system is accepted, our analysts determine what computer hardware and software will be needed to set it up. They coordinate tests and observe initial use of the system to ensure it performs as planned. They prepare specifications, work diagrams, and structure charts for computer programmers to follow and then work with them to "debug," or eliminate errors from, the system.. In addition to running tests, these individuals diagnose problems, recommend solutions, and determine if program requirements have been met.

With the Internet and electronic business creating tremendous volumes of data, there is growing need for us to be able to store, manage, and extract data effectively. Our Database administrators work with database management systems software and determine ways to organize and store data. They determine user requirements, set up computer databases, and test and coordinate changes. It is the responsibility of a Star Minds database administrator to ensure performance, understand the platform the database runs on, and add new users.

Supply Chain Management

The Process or the functions involved in SCM systems undertaken by Star Minds Solutions are

  • Adv. Planning Scheduling Procurement and Optimization
  • Set-up and Demand Planning
  • Forecasting Demand
  • Aggregation Creation, Distribution Planning
  • Deploying Transportation Planning
  • Purchase... User Implementation Change Management, Performance
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning, Product Configuration
  • System-wide Applications Simulation, Decision Support, Trading Partner Integration
  • Consignment Transportation Management
  • Shipment Scheduling, and Warehouse Facility Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterrprise resource planning systems (ERP) Management Information Systems that integrate and automate many of the business practices associated with the operations or production aspects of a company. These typically includeManufacturing, Logistics ,Distribution, inventory, shipping, invoicing, and Accounting. Enterprise Resource Planning can aid in the control of many business activities, likeSales, Delivery, billing, Production, Inventory Management . They are often called back office systems indicating that customers and the general public are not directly involved. This is contrasted with front office systems like CRM systems that deal directly with the customer.

Our Implementation

Enterprise resource planning systems are often closely tied toSupply Chain Management and can extend the ERP system to include links with suppliers.
Consulting in ERP involves two levels, namely business consulting and technical consulting. A business consultant studies an organization’s current business processes and matches them to the corresponding processes in the ERP system, thus 'configuring' the ERP system to the organization’s needs. Technical consulting often involves programming. Most ERP vendors allow changing their software to suit the business needs of their customer.

Software Testing

SSPL aims at verifying the veracity, the desirability, compatibility and scalability of software solutions thereby enabling it to adhere to the pre determined standards. The Solutions thus provided would translate into reduced cost, increased revenue and improved bottomlines. The brief process of Software testing at StarMinds involves

  • Test automation
  • Test tools
  • Testing strategy
  • Risk analysis
  • Reporting and Tracking defects
  • Code coverage
  • Exploring Testing
  • Software Testabilit
  • Working with Developers
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Assurance.

Industries –Business Solutions

Academic- Campus Cards

Essential features of our Campus Card Applications:

  • Picture identification
  • Access a database of campus information and student records and financial aid
  • Open dorm and other university building doors
  • Act as a library card
  • Serve as either off-line or on-line vending debit for copiers, drinks, snacks and laundry machines
  • Debit account for dining services
  • Use athletic facilities and purchase tickets to events
  • Use the computer labs
  • Access records at the infirmary
  • Test identification
  • Time and attendance systems, parking gates and security access (popular among the staff and faculty)

Private e-purse cards

Online transaction - Strengthen customer loyalty and reduce financial costs

Our future solution for small transactions

Our e-purse is a smart card that represents a stipulated amount of money. It’s a simple, effective and safe way of overcoming the drawbacks of cash transactions. No more coins and torn bills-instead the card is debited with the amount of the payment. The card can be used in terminals located in points of sale, or automatic systems such as drink distributors or photocopiers.

Off-line communication guarantees that the system is low-cost, as each transaction is carried out between the card and the terminal.

Simple and user friendly – a sure way of attracting customers and strengthening loyalty

Star Minds e-purse makes life easier for your customers. They can make low-cost purchases rapidly and simply, without having to fumble in their wallets, or find the right change.

The advantages of the e-purse are highly attractive. Other than its function as a reliable, user-friendly payment method, the private e-purse also enables you to upgrade and bring in new services. Access control, personal data storage, and loyalty points are all possibilities – the private e-purse becomes an effective tool for strengthening customer loyalty.

Prepayment, flexibility and reliability-optimize the profitability of your payment system

The private e-purse is an efficient method of prepayment that offers you a sizeable cash advance. It also allows you to be very flexible in your pricing system. It simplifies commission right, and lets you change tariffs as you require- you no longer need to round up prices. This secure payment method also drastically reduces losses due to fraud. In addition, the card acts as advertising space. All these advantages, along with a considerable reduction in the costs of conventional payment systems caused by collecting coins and on-line communications, guarantee you will increase your operating margins.

Electronic Smart Card Loyalty Systems - Retailing

How can our system benefit you?

For a business to be successful, it needs a constant stream of customers. Smart Card helps achieve this in three ways: -

  • It reduces the temptation for existing customers to migrate to rival businesses.
  • It provides incentives for new potential customers to buy your products or services and become loyal to your business.
  • It makes your customers feel "special" and valued.

Smart Card provides small and medium-sized businesses with the sort of sophisticated, professional “credit card" style loyalty system that only large organisations used to have.

Our Applications:

We give each of your key customers a plastic Smart Card. This contains a computer chip, which can store information - such as the "points" or "credits" they earn per purchase. The special terminal, which puts the information onto the card, is provided to you. When the customer has enough points, they can exchange these for goods, services, or discounts from your business.

We choose how many points customers get per pound spent, and what they can use them on. This can ensure that you spend a minimum on rewarding loyalty-card holders while speeding up the rotation of slow-moving items or discontinued lines.

The cards look professional: they feature your business logo, address and telephone number – which puts your business card in customers' wallets or purses.

You can also feature sponsored advertising from suppliers on your cards - generating even more income. You can make your Smart Cards as sophisticated or as simple as you wish. The basic stand-alone system is ready to use on delivery and it takes at most fifteen minutes to train someone to use it.

Our Smart Cards can provide you with the information you need to sell more effectively
To your customers, keep them coming back to you, and keep you in their minds. Telephone or e-mail us now with your requirements, and make this advantage yours.

Attendance Monitoring System

Salient Features of SSPL System:

  • Maintains complete database of employees with photo option
  • Maintains database of organization such as companies, divisions, depts., etc
  • Punctuality checking
  • Stringent checks for availing compensatory off
  • Provision of Manual Attendence to regularize missing swipes
  • Maintains employee’s Leave status with respect to the Leave rules.
  • Provision of issuing Gate passes to check the moments of an employee going out for official duty / personal reason during working hours.
  • Facility of adjusting holiday with working day.
  • Meaningful MIS reports categorized into daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and periodical basis for facilitation of decision making .
  • Company/ Division / Department wise reports
  • Excellent security features.
  • Provides useful information, which can be used by other systems like Personnel information system or payroll system.

Smart card- E-Commerce (e-cards)

Smart move to the Internet

Smart cards translate to a logical electronic commerce solution with many benefits for businesses and financial institutions:

  • Security: Smart cards offer confidentiality for transactions thanks to a series of encrypted "keys" that fully protect information in cards. This cryptographic storage of data in smart cards means information such as cardholder identity, security level or any other critical information can be stored safer on a card than in a PC, which is vulnerable to hackers. PIN (personal identification number) codes ensure purchaser identification while microchips on the card carry out user authentication. In electronic commerce systems, consumers and businesses can both be registered on-line by a secure electronic commerce authority. In addition to the card solution itself, Gemplus can install and manage such servers on behalf of participating banks.
  • Portability: Storing cardholder identity and confidential information on smart cards offers complete portability to the user. This unique feature enables each smart-card holder to recreate their environment on a compatible Internet Appliance anywhere in the world. Other electronic commerce solutions force users to store personal information on one device. With smart-card solutions, customers carry their preferences with them, and have the flexibility to make location-independent purchases.
  • Ease-of-use: On-line transactions with smart cards are quick and simple. To make secure electronic purchases, rather than taking the time to type credit-card information into the computer, users simply insert their cards into a reader connected to a PC or Internet Appliance and enter a PIN code, which credit and ATM card users are already familiar with. This "unlocks" the smart card and the transaction begins.

e-card flexibility for electronic business

In addition to the inherent benefits of smart cards, there are additional benefits to utilizing smart card-based solutions for conducting electronic commerce.

  • Compatibility: Payment cards that are currently in wide use in some countries already feature electronic commerce functions. Today, these cards can be used for both in-store, point-of-sale transactions, and on-line transactions.
  • Customized cards: Electronic commerce adapts to everyone, and so can smart cards. Each card held by a consumer can progressively take on the characteristics of the user's profile. Services are tailored to suit each cardholder's preferences with, for example, web site bookmarks that will take users directly to your web site, or direct access to home banking services.
  • Multi-application capabilities: Smart cards are an efficient way for service providers to implement and manage various applications in one place. For instance, businesses can combine loyalty programs, remote banking, electronic purse payment, and GSM cellular phone services all on one card.

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