STARMINDS' solution offerings are delivered through its highly developed and mature practices which are

     SmartCard Reader            HandHeld Reader              Controller          

     Biometric Reader              Star Aphro     


  • Custom Product Development and Maintenance
  • State of art complex embedded multimedia (Digital Signal Processing) Designs on ARM/Combination platforms.
  • TCP / IP Protocol stock based communication software
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Web based Applications

Core Competencies

STARMINDS Competency is created by the following factors:

  • Resources
  • Access to Processes and Methodologies
  • Experience
  • Infrastructure
  • Cultural and process integration
  • Time to develop

Our Work

STARMINDS helps organizations develop and deploy new IT applications, and redevelop and extend old ones. In order to complete these projects on time and without defect, we make available our skilled, high quality manpower that helps customers architect, analyze, design, develop and implement their IT projects.

Our quality assurance

STARMINDS realizes that our image is on the line whenever we provide services for our clients. Therefore, we have created processes that allow us to work closely with our clients, enabling us to understand your requirements and align our deliverables to suit your needs. By establishing very close working relationships with our clients, STARMINDS ensures a seamless service.

Our areas of expertise

  • Smart card technologies
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Embedded technologies
  • Client Server & Web development
  • Database & Systems administration
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Software Testing

Project Management Expertise:

Starmindsís technical skills, project management expertise and best practices provide a partner to execute short term and long-term projects. We have the track record of having successfully managed several large smart card projects.

Starminds project management model involves

  • Risk driven cyclical process
    Facilitates risk identification, analysis and risk mitigation at all stages
  • Project definition frame work
    Provides a stage for open interaction, re-establishing expectations and deliverables, documenting responsibility matrix and reporting norms
  • Documented methodologies
    Enables a consistent and repeatable process for reliable and time compressed delivery
  • Review and reporting mechanism
    Allows a consistent and clear process for tracking progress
  • Collaborative approach
    Provides high flexibility while handling high criticality



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