eneral Parameters                                                                                                              

Power Requirement

12V Dc, 1 AMP Power

Operating Temperature

-10 deg to +55 deg C

Relative Humidity

90% max, operating non-condensing



IP Rating

IP 42 / IP 65


700 grams (Excluding Mounting Accessories)

  General Features


RS 232 / 485

Ethernet (Optional)

Wi-fi / Wireless ISM Band (Optional)


Support Mifare 1k / 4k Contact less Smart Card

Operating Frequency

13.56 Mhz frequency

Sensing Range

3 Cms

Micro Controller

16-Bit RTOS Supported Motorola Controller


LCD 2 x 16 Characters


3 x 4 keypad (0, 1 to 9, * and # keys, optional)


Optical biometric module with 10k templates storage capacity (optional)


128 KB Nonvolatile Memory

(Optional - Total Storage Capacity 1 Megabytes Serial Data Flash Expandable up to 32 Megabytes)


Trickle Charge and fast charge


120 minutes

  External Hardware Support

Diagnostic Tools

Self-Diagnostic tools are available and display the nature of the problem at Server end and local LCD display

  Software Support

Communication Software*

Communication Manager helps to track the Reader working on different platforms and keep the log file for administrator


Time zones / Holidays and etc.,

Card Holders Valid List

Card Holders Invalid List


Transaction Records

  Various reader outputs can be provided to suit the specific Application / location


RS-485 Communication up to 1.2 kms peripheral loop without Boosters, On board Booster Provided for boosting of the signal for greater distance)


Standard IEEE compatible Ethernet LAN connection. Communication rate is a maximum of 100Mbps. Supports TCP / IP protocol includes HTTP, FTP, DNP3.

Wireless / Wi-fi

Wireless ISM Band / WI-FI (as per 802.11 standards)

Supports 50-70 Meters in closed environment and 150 meters in a open space

(For Greater Distance use repeaters)


   Attendance Monitoring System

   Access Control System

   Building Automation Systems

   Canteen Management Systems

   Visitor Tracking System

   Transport Logistics



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